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How back braces work

The spine is an integral part of your body, and as a result issues that arise that can compromise the function of the spine can be detrimental to your health and overall wellbeing.

As there is not just one type of spinal stenosis problem that one can suffer from, back braces have been designed to alleviate specific problems. There are many types of back braces available, of which all specifically target areas of concern.

Common amongst back pains and issues is that of the lumbar (lower) and middle area of the spine. These can cause great pain along the spine and the neck, as well as inhibiting good posture.

These types of back braces aim to reset the spine to its correct position, allowing the person wearing it to be upright and for muscles around the spine to heal if pain is evident.

When worn, the back brace will stop the causes of pain at the source by remedying the issues that create discomfort in the first place.

Back braces for lower spine support

Lower back pain is one of the most common and more painful of back issues. Fortunately, it is one of the easier to manage, of which a lumbar back brace will do the job perfectly.

Lumbar back support braces help to recorrect common lower back posture issues such as lumbar lordosis. The brace will hold the lumbar section of your body in place, not allowing it to move outside of its natural position.

A natural position of your back is vital for allowing the back to heal, as well as mitigating any onset of serious pain that can occur as a result.

Pain that can arise as a result of lower back problems can develop later on in life into serious issues, along with extremely poor postural problems as well.

Lower back braces, whilst are intended as a preventative measure for older persons, can also be used to treat pain and problems that can occur in older aged groups.

Sport and injury support back braces

Back injury sustained through sports can often have a painful and lasting effect on an individual. Particularly if the injury is in the spine through severe strain, it can affect your mobility in your daily life, as well as your ability to recover.

Sporting back braces can allow you to get back to routine physical activity quicker by providing integral support and assistance to the affected area. These back braces can minimise time on the sidelines as well, and have you moving quicker than not wearing one.

Common types of sporting injuries that a back brace can help to remedy are:
  • Heavy knocks sustained through football, hockey, or soccer.
  • Sports where the body rotates, putting stress on the lower back, such as baseball or golf.
  • Upper body pain that can arise from sports such as basketball, where jumping and upper body movement is integral.
  • Other, non-sporting related injuries, such as strains and pain caused through rigorous exercize.
Whilst a sports back brace can help you to recover from such injuries, it is not recommended for those who have long suffering back issues. For these, medical treatment or a back brace suited more towards ongoing support is advisable.

Upper body back braces

Many people who suffer from poor posture or serious neck pains often have a more serious upper back problem. These include issues around the clavicle, as well as other parts of the shoulders, where the muscles are worn from the attempt to support a poor posture.

These types of back braces focus on holding the upper body and shoulders into an upright position, which is the assumed natural resting position of the spine. Those suffering from these will often feel more mobile, with a significant reduction in the pain felt, sometimes even completely removed.

By keeping the spine in it natural resting place, it will allow your muscles around the clavicle and shoulder areas to heal and form into a more beneficial position. It will also strengthen these muscles, thereby mitigating the onset of posture issues in the future.

Many posture related problems are treatable as a result of an upper body back brace.

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